I help singers believe in themselves and unlock their full singing potential

watch the free abc voice model masterclass

watch the free abc voice model masterclass

✔ Increase your range, power, & control

✔ Unlock new sounds

✔ Sing without getting hoarse

✔ Sing with more confidence

Hi, I’m Bob

I’m a voice guy. I use my voice as a singer, vocal coach and voice actor.

Do you have a project that needs a voice? Or a voice that needs help?

Then you came to the right place. 


I’ve sung all my life, and I sing all day. I pity my wife sometimes. I sang festivals, theatres, while busking, and house concerts (my favourite). Now I’m a dad I focus on studio singing. You can hear me on YouTube and the socials. You can also book me to sing in your project.

Vocal coach

I help singers believe in themselves, so they dare to change the world, as singers and as humans. This is my favourite part of being a voice person. To see others grow, connect and gain confidence. More info on ABCSinger.com.

Voice Actor

I lend my voice to creators of commercials, trainings, YouTube, audiobooks, games, animation, etc. My voice vibrates with youthful energy and enthusiasm.
Languages: Dutch (native), English (international). You can book my voice for your project.

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