Hi, I’m Bob

I help singers believe in themselves, so they dare to change the world, as singers and as humans. This is my favourite part of being a voice person. To see others grow, connect and gain confidence.

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why do i coach singers?

I can explain this best with a short story.

I had just started the second year of my bachelor of music at the ArtEZ Pop Academy in Enschede. There was new vocal coach. He told us: “Next lesson, prep a song that’s way out of your league. I’m gonna help you sing it.”

Challenge accepted.

I chose The Show Must Go On by Queen. Way out of my league. Too high, too powerful. I did not believe I’d ever be able to sing this. But I like a good challenge. 

Friday morning at a quarter to 11 I walked into the singing studio. An hour later I came out sweaty and euphoric. We did it. My believe in myself had changed. I felt like I could do anything now. As a singer, and as a human, in the rest of my life. I had a permanent crazy grin plastered to my face for the next two week. I get it again when I think back to that morning.

I can honestly say that single coaching session changed my life.

That feeling of invincibility, of endless possibilities. The feeling I shared with my vocal coach then. That’s what I am sharing with my singers now. Nothing better than the sparkle in someone’s eyes when you’re blasting through boundaries together.

who do i coach?

I coach ambitious singers of all ages and levels in the styles surrounding pop music. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Country, R&B etc. No classical. There’s better coaches for that 🙂

I don’t care about your starting level. I do care about your ambition. I’m going to challenge you. A lot. I’m going to help you improve greatly and in record times. But this does require some time and effort from your side. Sorry to say it, but there’s no magic pill. You’ll have to work at it. 

That being said. There are some vocal tricks (like vowel modification) that feel like a magic pill, and give instant results.

song based coaching

In the end. No one dreams of singing amazing scales. You want to sing songs.

So we’ll start a session with a song you pick. You tell me what it is you want to work on, and I’ll serve you as best as I can. If we need some exercises or scales to work on a challenge in the song we’ll do so. But only to directly benefit the song. This way you’ll improve lightning fast, in a playful, enjoyable manner.

physical vs online coaching

There’s pros and cons to both.

My studio is in Elst UT in The Netherlands. You’re welcome to come there. But for most singers, we’re going to do online coaching.

Because of the pandemic, I started vocal coaching online, and found out this actually works very well. And it’s super convenient. No travel times. From the comfort of your own home.

free trial session

 Email me and we’ll start with a free trial session. No strings attached.

This session is to find out if you’d like to continue working with me. And also for me to judge if I think I am the right person to help you.

In most trial coachings I can already help singers improve massively and transform their beliefs.

If it’s fear holding you back: Do yourself a favour and face it! Time to change your world 🙂

See you soon!

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